What’s special about dating an Italian girl?

If you are searching for a beautiful woman that will treat you with respect and infinite passion, pick an Italian girl. A relationship with a hot, sensual woman from Italy is sure to be the highlight of your life. These ladies know how to treat you like a man should be treated, and to support you during your worse days. However, you have to be worthy of their trust and affectionate behavior. Otherwise, they will quickly change their attitude and unleash their volcanic temperament on you. Before you know it, you are single again and spending time looking for other escorts.


Italian girls show and demand respect

Ever since her childhood, an Italian girl is taught to be a lady. The old-fashioned education is passed from generation to generation and it teaches girls how they should act in society. This means that respect is unconditional when you start dating an Italian escort. Treat the girl with care and gentleness and she will appreciate you even more.

Enjoy the cooking skills of a grandmother

Another thing that Italian girls learn from a tender age is cooking. As everybody knows, Italian cuisine is absolutely delicious. Dating a woman from Italy means that you will often enjoy home-cooked pizza, fresh pasta and amazing sweets. This will come in handy when you throw a dinner party and invite your friends and escorts to a full Italian menu that others would have to travel to Rome for.

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Special deprecate sense of humor

These particular girls from Escort Italia love a man with a good sense of humor. They love even more a guy who can take a joke about himself. Italy is known for a strong heritage of comedic acts and a special sense of sarcasm and irony. Therefore, do not be surprised if your escort makes fun of you every now and then. She is only doing it in good spirit and to set a warmer mood for the date.

Dress to the occasion

Italy is renowned for its particular love for fashion. In fact, Milan is considered the world capital of fashion styles and usually the latest clothing trends start from here. Dating Italian escorts means that you are spending time with unofficial fashion critiques, so always dress sharply and to the occasion.

Know your wine

Italian dishes are better if they are followed by the right wine. All Italians women expect you to have a good knowledge of wine assortments. If you are planning to take your Italian girl for dinner, first inspect the restaurant and find out what types of wine they serve. Make a quick research and by the time your escort arrives you will know exactly what to order. This strategy will remain unknown to her, but the result will surely impress her.

Passionate dating never ends

So, by dating an Italian girl you get to be a better man. You dress better, eat more delicious food, you laugh more and drink better wine. Another perk of having an Italian woman among your escorts is that you always have a passionate lady ready to love you and treat you well.